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Welcome to the world’s largest range of finishing profiles!

Here you will find the perfect solution to a host of different finishing solutions for floor and wall installations. The range is unique, not only is it the largest of its type in the world, but it is the result of years of interaction with professional installers, builders and designers.

Genesis, proudly distributed by Tile & Floor Care

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About Tile & Floor Care (TFC)

Tile & Floor Care products have been in use in the sealing industry for over 20 years by experienced craftsmen throughout the world. As technologies improve and as environmental issues have become critical, it has become imperative for TFC to improve and adjust the products for our Green environment.

That is why today, TFC can offer the consumer the best in both industrial and environmentally friendly floor, wall and counter top maintenance products. We care about the environment and we care that the consumer has the best performing products available. Our experience in this industry will help tradesman and the consumers get the best results from the products and a beautiful protected floor, wall or counter top surface.

We strive to be the industries greatest partner.

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Bright decorative Epoxy Grouts that reflect and compliment new trends in the decorative tile market.

Available in 3 collections & 94 finishes.

Classic Collection – classic and colors includes white, grey, black, beige, silver and many more!

Glamour Collection – vibrant and exciting colors includes turquoise and arctic blue, lime, red and many more!

Metallic Collection – metallic finishes that mirror the appearance of platinum, gold and bronze.

Be extraordinary and add spotlight or gold glitter to any of the above mentioned collections for a remarkable finish!

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