Preparation – The principles following are a generalization and are suitable for most applications, however anomalies can occur, so please contact Tile & Floor Care if in doubt.

After installation there will most likely be grout residues, even after the installer cleans. It is essential to remove the grout residues along with any other type of impurities before sealing. Impurities and residues will impair the finish and will cause blotchiness and streakiness, and may lead to sealer failure. Sealers cannot penetrate and bond with the tile if there are any impurities or residues on the floor, or if the floor is acidic and has not been neutralized. The preparation guide that follows applies only to tiles that are resistant to acids. Other techniques apply to acid sensitive tiles.

If in doubt phone TFC – 888 884 4333


  1. Acid wash with Grout Off
  2. Rinse
  3. Neutralize and degrease with Easy Clean
  4. Rinse until there are no more bubbles and residues of cleaners
  5. Allow to dry –
    1. 8 -12 hours when using water based sealers
    2. 48 hours when using solvent based sealers
  6. Seal using the correct applicator and waiting the correct time in between coats
    1. Acrylic / surface sealers = 3 to 4 coats
    2. Penetrating sealers = 1 or more until the tile will not absorb any more sealer

Sealing technique

Always use suitable applicators that do not cause bubbles.

Surface sealers: – Apply medium coats in opposite directions (north to south and then east to west) ensure to get sealer into the grout lines. Surface sealers should be treated like paint coatings and NOT be disturbed while they are drying.

Apply as many coats as necessary to seal and protect the tile (generally 3 to 4 coats)

Penetrating sealers: – Penetrating sealers are designed to penetrate and not to sit on the surface. So only apply as much sealer as the tile will accept. The safest, most practical way is to apply thin coats in the opposite directions until the tile is filled with sealer and will not absorb any more sealer. (at this stage the sealer sits on top of the tile). Stop applying sealer when the sealer no longer penetrates into the tile. At this stage wipe off the excess sealer from the tile.