After laying:

During grouting make sure all excess grout is removed from the surface with a damp clean cloth or sponge and fresh clean water.  Washing grout off the surface with dirty water and / or dirty cloth or sponge does not clean the surface.  Any grout residues will impair the finish after sealing and will result in a very expensive repair.  Inspect the floor after grouting and cleaning.

Please Note:

Do not use Grout Off on Marble or Travertine.  Grout Marks on these tiles must be cleaned off immediately as you grout, since using acid to clean after the grout has dried on the surface will damage the stone.

Using Grout Off on Granite must be done very carefully.  Incorrect application of the Grout Off will result in the stone being etched, and therefore a very expensive repair.  The following directions must be followed exactly. Work on small, manageable areas at a time.

  1. Always do a test in an inconspicuous area before continuing.
  2. The Grout Off must be diluted at least 30 parts to one part Grout Off.
  3. Before you begin applying the Grout Off to the floor, have a solution of water with a little Easy Clean in close hand.
  4. Apply Grout Off solution to the floor with a cloth, and then immediately neutralize with another cloth wet with Easy Clean solution
  5. Rinse well with diluted Easy Clean, and then rinse repeatedly with fresh clean water until no chemical residues remain.

Always test the sealer on a loose tile first to ensure that the pigment is color-fast before treating the floor.

Sealing with Invisible Sealer


  1. Take care to read all instructions and tips before the application so that you can plan the application correctly.
  2. Mask off any adjacent surfaces that need to be protected during the application.
  3. Ensure that the tile is clean and free from all residues, detergents, grout, cement, oil, wax and other stains. (prepare with the correct TFC products)
  4. Ensure that the tile is totally dry before applying the sealer .(if unsure wait +- 48 hours after cleaning)
  5. Using a suitable applicator, apply a thick, even coat of Invisible Sealer. BUFF ANY EXCESS SEALER FROM THE SURFACE AFTER 5 MINUTES. Use a clean terry/mutton cloth or paper toweling.
  6. Wait for the sealer to dry for +- 2hours.
  7. After 2 hours test to determine if surface is totally sealed by applying water droplets to the surface. If water is absorbed (tile darkens), apply an additional coat.  Wait 2 hours and repeat test.
  8. Apply coats as determined by the rule above if necessary.
  9. Allow to dry before trafficking. (+-2 hours). Cure time is 48 hours.
  10. Clean applicator tools with turps/mineral spirits after each use.


  1. For daily cleaning – clean with TFC Quick Clean.
  2. Heavy duty dirt & grime – use TFC Easy Clean diluted with water (see label for dilution rates.)

Always rinse with fresh clean water after cleaning with Easy Clean.