Within 48 hours of a query being lodged, a representative from your company by the name of Sherwin Govender called at my home to address the issue. Sherwin was extremely professional, well presented, polite and went the extra mile to help reslove the query. I was extremely shocked at the calibre of the employees working at your company. Well done! He was knowledgeable of your full product range and its applications. I sincerely believe that he is an asset to your company.

We need more companies like TFC in this country who really treat their customers with respect and provide good after sales service. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Yusuf Ahmedmanager

I just want to commend you on a great product – Mould Buster has saved me the embarrassment of ugly mould on my bathroom ceiling. I am truly amazed (and pleased) at how well it works! Thank you!

Nireshni Chellanhappy client

I have been struggling for a while with mould in the grout of my bathroom and shower. It was quite sever as the grout was completely black or green in some spots, especially the corners. I bought various products, some which required you to scrub the surfaces after you applied the product but they only made a minimal impact on the mould. I kinda resigned myself to the fact that my shower would continue to look unsightly and it made me embarrassed to let my guests use the bathroom.

However this all changed about 2 weeks ago – I bought Mould Buster at Builders Warehouse and tried the product – but I was not very confident that it would work. But to my absolute surprise, after spraying on the product, after about an hour, ALL the mould was removed, without any scrubbing!!!! It was like I had a brand new shower. I did the same in my other bathroom (which was much worse with mould everywhere) and again after about an hour, I walked into a clean bathroom.

I have been telling all my friends and family about this excellent product and I will definitely purchase it again. My only regret is that I did not take a “Before” and “After” photo.
Thanks again for an awesome product!!

Darryl Lawrenceprogrammer